Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Teachers Gifts ~ and Merry Christmas!

This year,  Kane and Maya both had new teachers from the UK. Most of the teachers know if they have one of our kids they will have a handmade gift bag so I kept my fingers crossed this year, especially with Kane's young male teacher.

As always,  work is frantic as it the school wind down so time to make gifts is so limited and I do appreciate the kids teachers and always hope to make something lovely. I made the same bag for both teachers and filled them with a box of chocolate and a prepaid gift card.  Kane said his teacher couldn't believe that it was all for him!  So nice and the kids do feel so special handing over a bag that they have helped pick out the fabric, lining and design.  This year I used a part of the Christmas Stitchery 2 which is a free download here from the Red Brolly blog

Callum's Learning Mentor went on Maternity Leave at the end of the year. She has been a great teacher for both Ayden in the past and Callum,  as has her husband who is also a teacher at the school.  I didn't get a photo of the complete quilt but had this quick pic on file and can't wait for her to send through a photo of their first baby on this quilt.

Our Christmas was just lovely and after a huge year it was time to relax.  I hope all of you had a Christmas, filled with love and happiness x

Monday, December 23, 2013

Maya's School Fair ~ and the 20 year old son..

Since this year is still flying,  I have a few more catch up posts.  Last month was Maya's school fair,  where the school fundraisers to support the schools overseas child sponsorship program.  All year,  on and off,  I knitted up the odds and ends of my yarn stash to make these dolly kina's.  In the end I had 24 made up and sewed on a few crochet flowers or fancy buttons.  Also made were large and small doll quilts and a few Christmas bags.

We sold everything at pocket money prices and managed to sell out during lunchtime.  We were even the largest fund raiser!  I wondered if we would sell anything but the kids, parents and teachers were happy with hand made.  Phew.

Also back in November,  Ayden turned 20.  I can almost say it now ... I have a 20 year old son xx

Friday, October 25, 2013


It's been a while since I have blogged but life definitely hasn't sat still.  It seems like every year goes faster and faster and these kids are certainly growing up.

Kane turned 11 on 31 August and all he wanted to do was have a day riding his bike and being outdoors. What a great day!  He is one of those adventure boys and such a clever little monkey, and at the moment he loves orange almost as much as lizards. 

Maya turned 8 on 24 September. Maya's birthday always falls in the school holidays, so we had her birthday party earlier and she enjoyed making jewellery with her friends.   For her birthday we went to Sovereign Hill and the kids all joined the "Raspberry Rebellion" and were trainee redcoats for the day. 

Those guns are pretend (of course!) and kids had such a good time learning to be a Redcoat in the 1800's.  At the end of the session,  the cannon shot out bags of raspberry drops onto the parade grounds.

We also had our longest holiday in 13 years and went back to visit Eden, on the NSW coast.  So good to see again for us, and the first time for the kids.  I've never seen dolphins swimming in the wild before, so I could tick that off my bucket list and Matt and the kids saw a few glimpses of whales.  Maya dreams of being a marine biologist or at least doing something with seals and penguins. Matt took this beautiful photo of her holding a sea star.

Matt and I also celebrated 15 years of marriage x

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Book Week 2013 ~ Maya is Tom Kitten

This year for Book Week Maya asked if she could be Tom Kitten.  I was a bit surprised to hear that Maya wanted to dress up as a naughty, chubby boy kitten!. Now that Kane is at Middle School there was only the one costume to make this year too.

I'm am not good at costumes, and previous Book Week posts can be seen here, here and here. Costume making always seems to come up when I am frantically busy.

 Maya was please with her costume which was made from the Oliver + S Sailboat Capri's in size 8 from some fairly thick homespun from Lincraft.  This pattern is just fantastic and I wish it went larger than size 8.  The collar was made from a free down loadable pattern here and layered over a boys blue tshirt that was purchased. There is also a cats tail made from some brown jersey from the stash.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scrappy Floor Cushion ~ Boys Can Sew!

I love how creative my little monkeys are!  I had my old sewing machine serviced so the boys and Maya could start using it with supervision.  Kane managed the first go,  and this cushion has been a work in progress for about 5 months.

We all know its great fun going through all the fabric scraps and pulling out the favourites and arranging them but learning and practicing an accurate quarter inch seam is another thing...  So there was a lot of practice, and some unpicking, and a bit more but Kane got there.

Kane picked out all the fabric and arranged the layout and pieced the blocks together.  He loves orange and arranged a bright pop in the centre which he is very happy with.  I quilted the cushion with lots and lots of rows around half an inch apart.

I'm so impressed with how it all came together, it's huge and perfect for Kane to use around the house.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ottobre Sewing ~ Pentagram Hoodie

Ottobre Magazines are real eye candy,  and I just love them with their styling, age appropriate clothing and designs for boys and girls.  Unfortunately I don't sew from them often and I am going to make an effort to change that, particularly for the boys.

The "Pentagram Hoodie" was my first project for Maya is size 128 from the Autumn 4/2013 issue.  The only change I made was to line the hood for a neater finish.  

Maya just loves this dress and said that she is going to keep it to give to her kids.  That's saying something!  On the sleeve I added a little deer transfer from Craft Mama's fabric instead of the applique shown in the magazine.

The dress was quick to sew together and was mostly constructed on the overlocker.

By the time I took these pictures the dress had already been in the wash a couple of times.  It really is perfect for wearing and keeping warm and comfortable in our winter weather.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Turning 41

On Friday,  I did it,  and turned 41.  I'm not one for much celebration on my birthday but the day always reminds me of how blessed I am x

So here is me with my still unblogged Lola dress and the Playful Plumage Cowl that I knitted and decided to keep for myself that matches Maya's beanie here.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Maya's Hero Vest ~ Make it Perfect Pattern

We live close to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and it's lovely to be able to pop in on the school holidays with our family pass. There are always some good activities on.

This time the kids wanted to see the Christmas in July,  including the snow falls.  The "snow" turned out to be like a bubbly foam,  but everyone enjoyed running around in it and catching it  as it fell.

Maya is wearing her version of the Make it Perfect, Hero Vest in size 8. After making Kane his test version I knew Maya would get a lot of wear out of one too.  The outer fabric is a knit from spotlight and the lining is a windcheater (sweater) knit that was left over from my Lola dress - still to blog.

As Maya wears a lot of bright colours,  it was good to make this up in a fairly neutral colour, so it works with a lot of her wardrobe, and is a great layering piece for our Ballarat weather too.


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