Sunday, September 16, 2012

Half Moon Handbag

Today I had an afternoon almost free.  My mother was visiting yesterday so a lot of house work was done. The boys and I went for a run this morning,  and with the school holidays there isn't as much baking and getting ready for the next day pressure.

In August I signed up for the Curlypops Choose your own bag adventure. I had such great plans .. but then the flu hit and there was time off work and school and pushing ourselves to meet deadlines, when really,  we should have been asleep.

This bag is the Half Moon Handbag by Michelle's patterns with a few changes.  I have added an inside zip pocket and omitted the button closure and added a simple press stud.  With just 30 cm of fabric and a matching fat quarter plus interfacing, this is a cute, casual bag to make in no time.  The pattern is available here as a pdf download - and costs $3 USA.

I think this little bag with be good with jeans.  Maya thinks it will be good for her.


CurlyPops said...

Such a lovely little bag! Thanks so much for still joining in the challenge even with all of the other challenges that got in the way.

Jan said...


WendyBee said...

Great bag! It is cute and stylish, and I always like a bag that is more shallow than deep - makes finding things easier.
The fabric is an excellent choice of color and scale. No wonder Maya wants it - she's no slouch!


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